Gigimon - What's this?

Welcome in Gigimon, Gigi's Monsters!
This is a minisite completely about Gigimon, created by me, MBAqu@.
Now, you may be asking: "What is this Gigimon about?!" ?_?
First, let's say that it is not the pre-evolution of Guilmon from Digimon. In fact, it was born in the form of a pun on Digimon (especially the name Gigimon).
On the other hand, some Gigimon derive from a need of mine to draw my own Digimon.
In short, Gigimon is a collection of creatures invented by a lover of various monsters (like those in the Pokemon series or the Monster Rancher series), that has nothing to do with Digimon.

Gigimon Frontier
However Gigimon isn't just that. The first concepts permeated my insane mind (probably because of the steam and heat from my 20 minutes long showers...) during the broadcasting of the fourth Digimon series, Digimon Frontier.
Therefore I created Gigimon Frontier: a story about ten youngsters involuntarily carried to the Gigimon world, where they have to learn how to become Gigimon themselves in order to save that world.
Meanwhile it was growing in me the will to make a videogame where you can collect and raise Gigimon, so I discovered the various programs known as RpgMaker. However, when I finally had the experience and the resources to do what I wanted, I had already run out of time and will... At least I created the game Gigimon Frontier; so, since September 2008, you can read the whole story and play in GigiChosens' shoes.

Now the project is finally finished, so there won't be any more stories or videogames, even though I have had a couple of ideas floating in my twisted mind for some year.
In addition to Gigimon Frontier the other focal point is the Gigidex, an encyclopedia with infos and pictures (i.e. my drawings O_o) for every Gigimon.
Finally, after boring you with everything there's to know about this project, I invite you to just enjoy this unpretentious site and the odd (and plagiarized XD) creatures named GIGIMON!