It's Not Funny!

Because smiling makes you older, but laughing makes you dead!

Prof. Layton and the Puzzle about Toilets


Series: Prof. Layton
Type: Drawing

Notes: Prof. Layton videogame series: for any damn item you click on around you, Layton will always have a puzzle ready for you.

Genetics doesn't lie


Series: Pokémon
Type: Comics

Notes: Actually, in the manga Pokémon Special, Ruby has black hair and that's just a very odd hat.

The superior intellect of Kryptonians


Series: Smallville
Type: Screenshot (Telefilm)

Notes: Kryptonians, people dedicated to science: all dead because nobody realized that their planet was going to blow up (or that their star was becoming a supernova, if you prefer).
Nobody, except for Superman's father, to which concern they replied like this.

Aging is not allowed


Series: Pokémon
Type: Modified Screenshot (Videogame)

Notes: Ash Ketchum from Pallet: 10 years old for 15 years.
Unofficial sources state Ketchum to be on drugs for eyes enlargement.

D.I.Y. Psychoanalysis


Series: ---
Type: Drawing

Notes: I really did self-psychoanalysis. I just didn't change analyst.